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I want to tell you a story......about a place once called The Devil's Furnace.  A place that dates its beginnings in prehistoric times.  Where Indigenous people once lived and hunted.

A place that's known massive bloodshed......This bloodshed has stained the soil of the landscape and created a portal to another world.  It's a world where the souls of the deceased enter and exit at will.

Read about the stringy haired ghost woman...... She still roams the streets of this southern town.  Find out where ghost sightings are a regular occurrence in haunted buildings and homes.

Explore the history of the city known as the Cradle of Rock-n-Roll, Elvis Presley's birthplace...... Discover the many reasons why ghost hunters love the hills of the North Mississippi landscape.  

If you love history and ghosts, you'll love the first book in this series.  Like The Haunted America series by The History Press, L. Sydney Fisher's The Haunted is a historical narrative that explores southern sites with a paranormal past.  Let’s begin…in Tupelo, Mississippi.  And remember… 


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