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Shelley Emery and Jackie Sims had been the best of friends for nine years until the veil between life and death opened for Jackie. Although both women had always shared a common belief in the paranormal and the afterlife, Shelley struggled with the acceptance of death and the reality that life never ends. When Shelley begins experiencing strange visits and paranormal phenomena, she wonders if it could be Jackie attempting to communicate with her. Finally after another encounter with the ghostly visitor, Shelley receives a phone call from Jackie's former assistant with a message bringing good tidings and never ending love straight from the grave.

A Note from Sydney~
The Celestial Series is a fictional collection of short stories with a common theme throughout.  You will find a message of hope here.  A declaration of new beginnings and a sign that the supernatural spirit of God is as real as the darkness that surrounds us in times of despair.  For more than three decades, I’ve witnessed unexplained mysteries and ghostly encounters, but the most life-altering encounters I’ve ever experienced will always be the times I’ve witnessed God in all of His supernatural glory.

Each installment in this series has a part of me and my life’s experiences with the paranormal.  Although the characters and circumstances are fictional, their experiences have been mine and recreated here for you. 

On December 31, 2004, I experienced an angelic encounter that will remain etched in my soul forever. I invite you to experience the same through my character, Elizabeth Chapman.  I hope you enjoy The Visit.

Love and Light,


Landon had everything to live for.   But devastating news struck the family after a routine wellness screening detected a need for further testing. Within days, Landon was told that he had six months to live.

Determined to fight cancer, Landon experiments with spiritual “hands on” healing and homeopathic remedies. During the months leading up to his final battle, he is often visited by his brother, Jake. He confides in Jake and discloses the state of his soul and its readiness to cross over. But its Landon’s final promise that leaves Jake and his family utterly blown away when an early morning discovery appears to be the sign that he promised to deliver just one year earlier.

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Stricken by the debilitating reality of her husband's death, Elizabeth Chapman fell into a life of fear and denial until a paranormal encounter morphed into a premonition. A premonition that foretold a "visit" with the supernatural and a lost package bringing hope. 

The music box song referenced in The Visit -- "Promise" is from Kyoto Music Box Ensemble.