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The Bradford Collection


Based on a TRUE STORY. 

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  • 3:56

On December 21, 1974, Liz Bradford was murdered in Elvis Presley's hometown of Tupelo, Mississippi.  Her husband was also involved in the shooting and transported to North Mississippi Medical Center where he first crossed Natalie's path.  She was his operating room nurse and had no idea that within three years, she would be married to a killer.  Haunted by the ghost of Liz Bradford, Natalie becomes the target of paranormal activity and a string of coincidences that ultimately paint a picture of her future.  Inspired by a true story, The Haunting of Natalie Bradford is the incredible tale of how Natalie Bradford finds herself entangled in a series of prophetic coincidences that reveals her lover's guilt.  Denial can be deadly.  Are you next?

In the Spring of 1867, Henry Lynch was tormented by something so evil it killed him.  Now over one hundred years later, Natalie Bradford finds herself battling the very same demon that haunted Henry Lynch on the property that she now calls home.  Terror awaits as Natalie discovers the property's tragic past.  The 150 year-old cabin holds the truth behind the hauntings, and as Natalie uncovers the past, she exposes a terrifying family secret that has been guarded for over a century.  As Natalie becomes a conduit for paranormal activity, she struggles against forces greater than herself until she summons the help of Clara Adams, a natural healer and medium who performs a cleansing ritual to clear the land.  During a final showdown with the demon, the truth behind the hauntings is revealed.  Waking the Dead is the second book in the series, The Haunting of Natalie Bradford.