INSPIRED BY TRUE EVENTS~ A story inspired by the real life Mississippi Mystic, Seymour R. Prater.  Like Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet, Prater had the gift of clairvoyance.  Known throughout the South for his mysterious and miraculous abilities, he could "see" beyond the barriers of time and space while identifying a man's killer, finding stolen objects, and even locating lost people.  He believed his powers were divinely ordained and never accepted monetary payment for his insights.  Seymour Prater left behind a supernatural legacy and one unsolved murder that terrified a Mississippi town as the community battled their fears of the living and a dead man's ghost that haunted the 'Old Floyd Place'.

​​ On January 3rd, 1931, Arthur Floyd was murdered in his store in Carrollton, Mississippi.  The deaf man was found days later still clutching a piece of peppermint candy in his hand.  After a local black woman discovers the decaying corpse, she becomes tormented by ghostly visits and seeks the help of the African American community to dispel the angry spirit.  And with no eyewitnesses to the crime, Arthur Floyd's killer is destined to be a free man until his brothers consult The Mississippi Mystic.  Will Prater's supernatural insight be the final clue needed to solve the Floyd murder and bring peace to a town ravaged by fear?  As Sheriff Baker and the Floyd brothers struggle to solve the case, the sheriff vows that Arthur's killer will be sentenced and hanged by the neck until dead.  For Seymour Prater, it was murder at first sight...

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