"I first witnessed the paranormal at the tender age of eight.  This experience unlocked a doorway to a world full of unexplained mysteries, miraculous insights, and terrifying ghostly visits that have spanned a lifetime.  Join me as I explore these stories...one book at a time." ​~ L. Sydney Fisher

Do YOU Believe?

The Phoenix Series~Part I & Part II 

With Bonus~The Phoenix Report, The Research Behind the Series


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"L. Sydney Fisher is a Literary Alchemist!"~Joshua Hood, Bestselling Author of Clear by Fire, Simon & Schuster

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"Wonderful author who writes books

I can't put down!" ~ Susan B.

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The Phoenix Codes

Book II of The Phoenix Series

A Supernatural Military Thriller.

"You didn't think it was over, did you?"

The Devil's Board

"There will be hell to pay."

Inspired by TRUE EVENTS

​Coming Fall, 2017


Some polls have indicated that over 50% of

Americans believe in the paranormal.

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L. Sydney Fisher

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The Book Shelf



The Haunted 

Volume II

A Haunted History Series

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At the age of fifteen, L. Sydney Fisher had a Near Death Experience when her car crashed over the side of a bridge plummeting 30 to 40 feet into a creek.  While pinned inside the car, her body hanging upside down, she began to drown as the water overcame her...


" Ms. Fisher has created a thought provoking thriller that will leave you running to your computer to learn more about the Stargate program!

L. Sydney Fisher is a talented writer and one to watch closely."

The Rappologist,
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Paranormal Thrillers & Supernatural Suspense

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